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high-quality custom writing services
high-quality custom writing services high-quality custom writing services
high-quality custom writing services

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The Term and Use document is a legally written text meant to control the behavior of the client, the service provider and the involved parties on how to use the service and the accompanying services. The involvement of the concerned parties is only regulated by this document alone. That is why this is a legally binding document. By accessing our website, you by consent agree to be bound by this Term and Use legally which places you on a legal agreement with us. After getting into a contract with us, both parties are entitled to the respective rights and legal obligation. The moment you open our website, enough information has been shared to be bound legally by consent to our site. It is advisable to leave this site if you have any queries with the website and don’t place any order for that matter.

Clients are advised to read correctly through this document before proceeding since the document contains relevant information that will come in handy while going through the website. Engaging in the and utilizing the services that are being offered here on the website purports that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Use laid out here. If by any chance you are in disagreement with any of the statements made here you are required to leave this website immediately. Accessing our service means that you have entered into a contract with which means the Term and Use will last throughout your engagement with the website services.

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Here at we offer academic writing services that range from editing, report writing, copywriting, etc. Equipped with skilled professional writers and authors, is capable of handling any text material from any topic and of any size whose relationship is not regulated by this document. Upon placement of the order, your paper will be worked on specifically according to your custom desired. This information is attained during the placement of the decree as the clients are asked to clear and precise to ease the work of the writer to deliver custom written product for the customer.

Our services are free to be viewed by our customers for free with a sole intention of information only. For any other use of the website a different legal agreement is required between the client and us ( In the case of providing answers for school work such a multiple choice questions can be worked on if uploaded however, we don’t work assignments that require students or individuals to log in their school website first before they undertake the task since it is not under or within our jurisdiction so it cannot be tackled by any member of the We also provide proofreading and editing to check for grammar, plagiarism, spelling or stylistic errors and punctuation.

Order Placement

After reading the documents and making an informed decision to engage the services of this website, you will have to fill an online order form that will require accurate and correct personal information that will help the author in writing your order. The client is discouraged from providing untrue, false or misleading information while placing your order. The provided information will be stored, saved and protected by the Privacy Policy.

After placing the order and the work is underway, you can be notified by email about the most critical stages of the order. A client also has the luxury of choosing a variety of services from their preferred writer, VIP customer service, Plagiarism report to Abstract page. In the section of “Preferred writer,” you will be presented with four choices “TOP writer,” “Regular writer,” “My previous writer” and “Advanced regular writer.” By choosing a Regular writer does not mean that the price will change, but it only means that one of our best professional writers will work on your order. If you are interested in having a Top editor work on your order, the order price that is usually calculated by deadline, type of writing, the number of pages and the level of the academic level will go up a notch as discussed in the Prices section of the service. If you prefer to continue working with your previous writer, then you should choose the previous writer, this can only be possible if you provide the ID number of your previous writer. For such orders, the deadline should not be less than 24 hours, but if the client needs the order more urgently then the prices will go up regardless of the writer’s level. If by any case your preferred editor is not available another writer of the same standard can be made available for you. You can also choose a regular advanced writer to deliver your document, and the author is available at a much lower price than the Top writer, but their quality and results are better than the Regular writer.

Another one of the services that we offer is the “Dignitary Customer Service,” for this service the moment you place your order the author will work on your order first while email messages will be relied upon to you to notify the steps made so far for your order. For smooth delivery of this service, you are obliged to present a valid telephone number that can be used to communicate with you directly without which we won’t be able to deliver this service appropriately. To get this service, kindly visit our live chat and we will do everything possible to meet your request. The fee charged for this service will be provided for you in the live chat. If you are interested in the feature of plagiarism report, the author working on your order will be obligated to upload a plagiarism report that is detailed with the level of plagiarism of the document submitted to you. This will be done after you have approved the proposed document. The pricing of this service is also provided in the Price section.

There are other papers which require an additional abstract page to be added to the document, for such case you should choose the feature of the Abstract page. If you don’t choose the services, you cannot request for an abstract page to be written for you. The pricing for these services is discussed in the Price section of this website. It is also important to mention if you want extra sources to be used for your work, you have to contact the control panel. For these services, please view the Price section of the website. The same applies if you want a proper table of content to be added to your work, please mention that to the control panel. There are also the services of a professional editors who are available to go to your job if you require such services just contact the control panel on the same. All the services, pricing are discussed in the Price section.