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» Privacy Policy

The privacy policy provides a legal entity through which the behavior of the client and the service provider are regulated regarding this website as far as services rendered are concerned. This document provides a legal binding between the customer and the service provider whose privacy shall be legally governed by this privacy policy. By accessing this website, you have already by consent entered into a mutual legal obligation and right with us. By any chance, there is a rise of any misunderstanding with the rules that are laid out here you should not place an order on this website.

This document contains some of the most important points of privacy that will come in handy while browsing through this site. The client has to go through this material, conducting any transaction with the services offered on this website. Having mentioned that engaging with the internet site through your browser one has entered into an agreement by consent. By the time you engage with our site, we will require you to provide information about you that will help you reach our services. If you are not willing to participate and provide the required information about yourself which will limit you from entering into a contract with the website which will mean any access to the site will be deemed unlawful. That is why we advise visitors who stumble upon this site and notice anything wrong with this document to leave the website and not to place any orders on this site.

By the time you open our website in a browser via your device, our system automatically obtains the information on what browser type you are using, which operating system is being used and the time at which our browser is being accessed. The gathered information does not give out your identification and we leave it at that as no one on our side will try to obtain the identity of our website users. The information that is collected from your browser helps us in customizing our site while providing us with a better layout for our page.

Our website is meant to serve our clients that’s why we strive to meet the highest standards while collecting our customers’ personal information. That is the reason why we take the matters brought forward to us by our clients severe and encourage our customers to speak out on any views that will help us improve our services and website. In case clients need to access more information or explanation, they can send their request to the support team of

Operating within the law and on the legal basis, we have made open people access to their personal information. Clients are free to investigate if the website has withheld any information about them through making a “subject access request” which is under the Data Protection Act 1998. The website is obligated to provide the following answers if they are withholding any information about a client; reveal who the information is intended to be shared with, provide the reason why we are holding the information, provide you with a copy of the information being withheld and the description about the information.

To make your request about personal information official, we will require the client to tender your request in writing and submit it to our Customer Service team at To assure our customers privacy, all order information, inquiry pages, and personal control panel are conducted under the certification of SSL which guarantees our clients of confidentiality and safety. It is our at most priority to make your information safe and secure from falling into the hands of any third party. Our employees are trained and fit the professional standards to maintain client’s information within the company’s website and not to let the information leak to any third party. However, we are obligated to rely upon your information if required to by law.

The intention of the Privacy Policy is to provide you as our client with a full insight between you and us. The information between the two parties has to remain private unless and not relayed by either written or oral form to a third party. No part or section of this document shall indicate any joint partnership or employer-employee relationship between our client and us. On the same note, no entity, either our client or we shall act as a representative of the other and enter into any form of contract at any given point. This document does not also authorize any third party an obligation to commence on any matter as or neither is any third party allowed to obtain any rights that arise from this document.

To facilitate communication within the website, be it requests, application, inquiries or consent and all contact will be conducted in the English language. Our clients are advised to understand that some content provided under some heading are not limited to the meaning and the content of the title.